2020 Winter Cross Country Results

Congratulation to all our athletes who completed in 2019/20 QA Cross Country Cup and Brisbane Cross Country Series.  It was short fast and furious; 7 events over 5weeks.  We had a stellar season with a total 39 competitors from the club across the series with many new competitors getting involved with XC for the first time.  Toowong Harriers finished the Winter Cross Country Season with a solid 2nd place overall club ranking in the QA Brisbane Cross Country Series.


With so many great performances, I thought I would call out some of the many stand outs (best within top 10) in the Brisbane Cross Country Series;

  • U10 Girls, Andie Ganter, 7th overall series

  • U10 Boys, Sonny Millar, 5th overall series

  • U12 Girls, Charlotte Wallace, 2nd overall series

  • U12 Boys, Samuel Anderson, 5th overall series

  • U14 Girls, Rebecca Teahan, 10th overall series

  • U14 Boys, Angus Lee, 5th overall series

  • U16 Boys, Thomas Bryant, 3rd overall series

  • Open Men’s – Short Course, Wayne Adams, 2nd overall series

  • Open Women’s - Short Coarse, Jess Anderson, 4th overall series

  • Open Men’s – Medium Course, Bruce Jones, 5th overall series

  • Open Women’s - Medium Coarse, Miwa Kolb, 2nd overall series

  • Open Men’s – Long Course, Paul Byres, 2nd overall series

  • Open Women’s - Long Coarse, Meryll Fletcher, 3rd overall series


Though compressed, our stellar year in this COVID shortened XC series was carried through with a strong showing for the club the Queensland Cross Country Championship on Saturday at Ipswich with a total of 26 competitors (our biggest turnout in many years).

  • U9 Girls – 1000m

    • 3rd Zoe Renton 3:48

  • U10 Girls – 2000m

    • 2nd Charlotte Wallace 7:20

  • 45-54 Masters Women’s – 6000m

    • 1st Meryll Fletcher 25:39

  • 45-54 Masters Men’s – 8000m

    • 2nd Michael Jackson 29:25

  • 55-65 Masters Men’s – 8000m

    • 1st Peter Jones 32:21

  • 65-69 Masters Men’s – 8000m

    • 2nd Robert Gunningham 36:42

Congratulations to all the QLD XC Championship place getters.

Though unfortunate, the cancellation of the Australian Cross Country Championships for 2020 was inevitable.  QLD Athletics did select and recognise an honorary State Cross Country team based off the results from the Queensland State XC Championships.

This selection recognised the top 10 athletes from 10yrs up to the 17yrs, Under 20s, Open and the Top 6 from the Multi-Class age groups. We are very proud of the performances and efforts of our Club Members.

  • 10 Years, Charlotte Wallace

  • 11 Years, Grace Adams

  • 13 Years, Rebecca Teahan, Tyler Hewett

  • 16 Years, Olivia Boyd

  • 17 Years, Emma Hossack


Congratulations to all who were selected for the QLD XC Merit Team for 2020, 

​So that's a wrap for this season. We look forward to seeing you all back for next year's QA Cross Country Season in 2021.