The centre handbook contains most of the information you will need for the season ahead.

The blue card application procedure contains the steps to apply for or renew your blue card.

Code of Conduct

Little Athletics Australia has outlined a Code of Conduct, which it hopes will serve as a guide to the organisation and participation of parents and children within the Little Athletics Movement.

Parents, coaches and officials, by example of behaviour, hold an enormous influence over the youth of the community.

Participation of children and adults in Little Athletics should be associated with conduct that conforms with the aims and objectives of the Little Athletics Movement, as exemplified by the points outlined in the table below.

The Code of Conduct is aimed at establishing an 'across the board' pattern of behaviour that should be considered of paramount importance to all parents, coaches, and officials, and indeed athletes, under the ideals and philosophies outlined in the aims and objectives of Little Athletics Australia. A full copy of the Code of Conduct as well as other policies and plans can be found on the Little Athletics website.

If Little Athletics is to be enjoyed by all for the benefit of Family, Fun, and Fitness (to which we might add Friendship), then the co-operation and assistance of all parents, coaches and officials is of primary importance.


Criticise children in front of spectators.  Rather, reserve constructive criticism for expression in private.


Decisions of all officials or referees as being fair and called to the best of their ability.


Criticise opposing athletes or supporters by word or gestures.


A good example by your own personal appearance. If you are a smoker, please note that it is Queensland Legislation that smoking is not permitted on the Arena (track & Field) during any Little Athletics competition, including Centre Meetings.


Every athletics competition meeting serve as a training ground for life and as a basis for good mental and physical health.


That good sports people are good students and are both physically and mentally alert.


The welfare and development of the individual child above win and loss records.