Club Membership & Queensland Athletics Registration

Being a member of Toowong Harriers brings something for everyone in the athletic community, whether you are a recreational runner just looking to keep on your form on track and do the odd event here and there, or your an amateur athlete with a regular training regime and need access to facilities, coaching and club colors to compete for at Queensland Athletics & national events.

Benefits of membership;

  • As a club we operate all year round (Winter and Summer QA competition, Summer LAQ competition).

  • Access to club facilities, equipment, tartan high-jump fan and long/triple jump runways, multiple throws apparatus.

  • Access to open training on designated days throughout the year at no additional cost.

  • Access to designated club coaching through out the year at no additional cost (note some specialist event specific coach may incur fees).

  • Club sponsored entrance fees for teams into QA State Cross Country Team Relay event each year (nominally $15).

  • Being part of a respected and proud club (Queensland First and Oldest Club still competing) that recognises athletes from all walks of life and capabilities (incl. Multi Class Athletes).

Queensland Athletics membership will allow you to compete at any QA event throughout the year - the 2019/20 Summer calendar is here. The Winter Calendar will be added around March 2020.

Our QA Members are also welcome to get involved in our "Little Athletics" club track & field meets - either as coaches/officials (blue card required) or as competing Junior athletes (up to U17). 

To register with QA go to the Registration tab in the linked site and choose Toowong Harriers.

Please note;

If you are already a member of our club through Little Athletics Queensland registration the club will provide you an additional '$20 sponsorship' towards your QA Membership (this will be credited back to you by the club upon confirmation of membership from QA, with Toowong Harriers as your Primary Club).

Competing parents of our LAQ athletes only need pay their chosen QA membership + reduced $15 Toowong Harriers club fee (through the use of a discount code, available through the Centre Manager).

Siblings of competing children, who do not wish to compete (or register with LAQ or QA) are encouraged to join the club as Volunteers/Officals.

Registration Fee's

Fees are as follows:

Competing Athletes

  • Platinum - $267 ($232 QA + $35 Toowong Harriers)

  • Platinum (Young Athletes, Born 2007-08) - $217 ($182 QA + $35 Toowong Harriers)

  • Platinum (Senior, Born before 1981)- $217 ($182 QA + $35 Toowong Harriers)

  • Base (or Secondary Club) - $47 ($12 QA + $35 Toowong Harriers)

Non-Competing Club Supporter

  • Volunteers - $0

  • Officials - $0

  • Committee Members - $0

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