Covid-19 continues to be a risk in our community and the State Government COVID safe requirements that apply to community sport must be followed by all athletes, parents, guardians, and spectators at our fields. 


  • All attendees (members/coaches/parents/volunteers/spectators) must register via the Check In Qld app each time they attend on site for contact tracing purposes.

  • No one should attend if they are ill, have any COVID symptoms, have been in contact with a confirmed case within the prior 14 days, have travelled to a COVID hotspot in prior 14 days, or returned from overseas in prior 14 days.

  • Carry a mask and wear it when appropriate.  All those over 12 should carry masks with them and wear them when they are not able to social distance.  This includes when you are inside the clubhouse and when you cannot be more than 1.5 metres away from others.

  • Masks do not need to be worn by athletes whilst competing in the field of play.

  • Use good hand hygiene, including using hand sanitiser that is available at regular intervals.

Physical Distancing

  • Spectators and officials at athletics events must observe physical distancing (1.5 metres) at all times.

  • Please note that physical distance does not apply to athletes ‘on the field of play’. This includes marshalling areas. At all other times, athletes must observe physical distancing.

  • Avoid shaking hands, high fives, hugging etc.


  • Please avoid going inside the clubhouse with the exception of

    • Setting up/packing up

    • Volunteer roles of uniforms/registration/recording

    • Athletes requiring first aid or using the bathroom.

  • All participants/volunteers/spectators must observe systems in place to manage venue entry/exit points, queuing directions and strict numbers allowed in clubhouse environments

    • In the clubhouse – 15 total

    • In the bathrooms – 2 in each of male/female

    • In the kitchen – 3 only (no children please)​.

Hygiene and Sanitisation

  • All attendees are to maintain good hygiene and regular sanitising throughout the meet.

  • Wash your hands prior to attending – for at least 20-30 seconds with soap and water.

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth areas. Do not spit.

  • Prior to each rotation, each group must sanitise their hands at the sanitising stations provided at the event.

  • BYO water bottle and limit water bubbler use.

  • All water bottles need to be sanitised by the owners before putting in age marshal baskets.

  • Officials equipment (timers, starting guns, rakes, spikes, etc), should only be used by one person at a time and should be thoroughly cleaned after use by each individual.

  • The age marshal should collect the group’s tickets from the track timers and take them to the recorder (they do not need to be handled by the children).

  • Gloves are available and should be used by officials who are touching equipment used by the athletes (i.e. retrieving javelins, shot puts, discus, vortex etc).

  • Equipment must be returned to the sheds to be thoroughly cleaned, before it is put away in the shed. Equipment cleaning instructions are displayed within the shed.


Forming Age Groups (on arrival)

  • Athletes are to gather into their age groups (per age signage) with their age marshal. Remember to social distance during this time.

  • Parents who are not acting in an age marshal role should not stand in this area, they should proceed to the parent spectating area until taking up an official role.

  • The age marshal should mark the roll and work out how many of an age group there are (boys and girls).

  • Scheduling is designed to run most effectively with 8-12 athletes per group. It does not matter if they are boys or girls, only that they are in the same age group (i.e. All under 9’s compete in the same events each week).

  • If you compete outside of your age group we cannot record your times (they are not in the system to record against). We strongly recommend you do not do this.

  • Example allocation of groups - 

  • For example – there are 16 Under 9 girls, and 8 Under 9 boys. The age marshals should arrange 2 groups of 12. It is recommended that the sexes be evenly split. In this case, 4 girls could go with the boys, or 8 girls and 4 boys per group.

  • Until numbers in each age group steady (usually by week 3 or 4), we may find there are some larger groups. We will make more groups in the program if this is the case.

  • It is important that families arrive on time so that group size can be optimised.

Warm up

  • After the centre manager has made any announcements, the groups will then split to undertake a warm up.

  • 3 groups will form for warm up -

    • Under TT/6/7

    • Under 8/9/10

    • Under 11/12/13+

  • Each group will go to a separate area of the field to warm up.

On the Field

  • The groups should strictly follow the program and locations as per the schedule. (this is required for contact tracing – so we know where everyone has been and near whom).

  • Each station will have a designated area (separated from the other areas) in which athletes can wait their turn. This will be marked on a map in the age marshal folder.

  • The marshal’s job is to record the results at field events. There should be 2 officials located at each station to ensure separation of duties (i.e. one spiking and returning discus, one measuring).

  • Athletes should stay in the allocated event area until the scheduled time frame is up. The only exceptions would be to go to the bathroom/canteen.

  • If there is downtime waiting at an event, marshals should consider involving the children in games, relay practice, etc.

  • As much as possible, we do need to minimise intergroup physical interaction.

  • Track marshalling locations are as follows:

    • Front straight sprint hurdles/70/100m – (on the track behind the start point)

    • Front straight 200m – outside of back straight near LJB)

    • Back straight sprint hurdles/70m – (inside of back straight)

    • Back straight 200m / Front Straight 400m (inside home curve)

    • 800m/1500m (inside front straight)

    • Walks – 300m start (on outside of track @ 1500m start).

Parents – Volunteers, Officials, Marshals and Spectators

  • Parents play an important role in little athletics – they are required to official events, run the canteen, record the times, set up and pack up. etc. In a COVID environment it is more important than ever – we absolutely must have parents in all the necessary roles as it is not possible to share roles.

  • Please use the online SignUp (sent via email in week prior) in order to sign up to volunteer roles. This will avoid a queue to put your name down, and delays in starting the events. This assists us manage our physical separation commitment. Please confirm your attendance at the officials desk on arrival.

  • Parents who are not acting in official volunteer roles CANNOT go around with their children. The only exception is athletes in the Tiny Tot and Under 6 age groups (and Under 7s in the first 2 meets). This is a requirement to minimise the number of people on the field where they cannot be tracked.

  • A spectator area will be set up next to the clubhouse for socially distanced sitting for those who cannot volunteer due to younger children etc. Please bring your own chairs or shade.   Please refer to the field map.

Playground – OUT OF BOUNDS during meets

  • During our little athletics meets, (e.g. from 2-5pm) competing athletes in uniform who have checked in with their age marshal will not be permitted to use the playground. This is a regretful decision, but required as we cannot control the sanitary environment in the playground. 

  • Parents with siblings who are not competing may use the playground.


  • To purchase from the canteen you must line up (1.5m socially distanced) at the window. (queue towards Gailey Road).

  • We will not be taking cash this year, card only. Parents can organise a tab for their family and parents can settle it at the end of the day.

  • The menu is being reviewed so that all items are individually packaged. Condiments will be poured by canteen volunteers only.

  • BBQ – we will still be selling BBQ items on Friday evenings, with strict hygiene requirements both at the BBQ and in the canteen. All implements will be washed before and after use.

  • Volunteers are always to use gloves at all times.

  • While eating, please proceed to the spectator area and limit congregating on the verandah.

  • Coles bananas will be donated once again this year. These can be collected from the recording desk.

Set Up and Pack Down

  • The volunteer roles of set up and pack down are integral to our COVID safe plan.

  • Set up is estimated to take 8 people 1 hour. Alternatively, with 12 people it can be done in less time. Directional signage and all COVID signage must be put out.

  • Pack down is much more time consuming with equipment cleaning requirements.

  • Each group who is the last age group at an event will be required to bring that equipment back to the equipment shed for cleaning (responsibility will be clearly set out on the program). The exception is high jump flop mats which will be bought back on the trailer.

  • Pack down can commence as soon as those events are no longer required. I.e. once hurdles are complete, the hurdles can come back to the shed. Please be on the look out at all times for what you can bring back. This saves a large amount of work at the end of the night.

  • After you have assisted with pack down and clean up, please limit mingling and leave the field promptly.

  • Children who are waiting for siblings/parents, should maintain social distancing and stay away from competition areas.


Finally ….. use your common sense. These rules have only been developed for our own safety and to ensure that our sport can continue in these uncertain times. Please do not jeopardise this for our community.


Our committee thanks all our members for their support and for following these rules and assisting with all the additional burden it puts on us all.