LAQ - Toowong Harrier's Membership

Little Athletics registration is closed and the registration button has been removed.

Registration for the 2022-23 season (August - March) will open in August 2022.

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Our fees are reduced in January to reflect new members only have 7 meets left and cannot attend Regional/State competition.

The family deposit of $100* is refunded at completion of the season (approx May 2022) if:

  • A parent/carer takes on a committee role for the season; or

  • 12 volunteer sessions per family are completed for the season.  It is important to ensure your session is correctly recorded so please make your way to our officials coordinator before the meet starts to record your attendance.  This is regardless of using Duty Roster via TeamApp to register for a role.  Our officials coordinator can generally be found in the tent adjacent the clubhouse and is easily spotted by the line of volunteers getting their names recorded.

*Please note this refers to a full season.  The family deposit for the remaining season is now $50 and is refundable upon completion of 6 volunteer sessions.


We encourage and welcome parental assistance for as much as your family is able to assist and if you are able to assist at more than 12 meets, the committee and children would greatly appreciate it.  No doubt, it will sometimes be required to ensure meets run smoothly.

Membership Packs

Membership packs will be available for collection at the Intro to Little Athletics Registration afternoons on the 14th and 28th of August from 3:00pm.  Uniforms will also be available for purchase on these days as well as throughout the season.


We strongly recommend that uniforms and membership packs be collected prior to the first meet (4th September) so that you are able to sew the registration number and age pocket onto the polo shirt.  More details on uniforms can be found on the uniforms page.

Fair Play Vouchers

Fair Play Vouchers Round 5 are now open.  Applications close 29th September 2021.

FairPlay aims to support regular participation in physical activity, by reducing the cost of sport and active recreation for children and young people from low-income families.  Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for eligible children and young people.  These vouchers can be used toward the cost of membership, registration and/or participation fees for eligible activities with registered physical activity providers.


Click on this link to check if you are eligible.  Email your voucher to to claim a refund on your child's registration.