Toowong Harrier's Registration

Registrations for the 2020/21 season are closed. 


Please use the 'Toowong Harrier's Registration' button which will take you to the Toowong Harries Little Athletics Centre SportsTG website.


Membership packs will be available for collection at the Intro to Athletics afternoons on August 22nd and August 29th between 2:30 and 4:30pm.  Uniforms will also be available for purchase on these days, as well as throughout the season.


We strongly recommend that uniforms and membership packs be collected prior to the first meet so that you are able to sew the registration number and age pocket onto the shirt.  More details on uniforms can be found on the Uniforms page.

Participation Fees

20-21 registration.JPG

The family deposit of $100 is refunded at completion of the season (April 2021) if:

  • A parent/carer takes on a Committee or Executive role for the season; or

  • 12 volunteer sessions are completed by parent/carer.  Please ensure that your volunteer position is recorded by the Officials Coordinator each week.  The Officials Coordinator desk is located under the tent adjacent to the clubhouse,


Please note that we encourage and welcome parental assistance for as much as your family is able to assist and if you are able to assist at more than 12 meets, the committee and children would greatly appreciate that. No doubt, it will sometimes be required to ensure the meets are able to run smoothly.

Dual Queensland Athletics/Little Athletics Membership

2020/21 Athletics Season

This is for current Toowong Harriers club members.

For Under 12 Athletes (born 2009) there is the option to also join Queensland Athletics (QA).  A QA membership will allow you to compete across the QLD athletics program of events which includes QA Shield Meets, State Championships and the winter Cross Country and middle distance series.  The QA membership is an annual membership which is valid from Oct - Sept the following year.

There are two options for QA membership:

  • Base Membership

    • The cost is $47 ($12-QA component + $35 Toowong Harriers club fee). 

    • There are additional costs to compete at each event as set by QA.  Fees range from $15-30 per meet.

    • Refunds of $35 will be provided to all Toowong Harriers Little Athletes who join QA with base membership.  

  • Platinum Membership​

    • The cost is $199 + $35 Toowong Harriers club fee.  

    • This gives you free entry to all Shield meets and State Championship events.

    • Current Toowong Harries athletes who already have QA base membership are able to upgrade to platinum membership. How-to instructions are provided on the QA website.  Current members will only pay the difference (excluding our club fee and the $12 QA fee already paid) of $187.

QA are periodically publishing their calendar of events.  Please refer to their website for more information regarding events and membership details.  Athletes must be a current QA member to compete in these events.

To sign up for the 2020/21 QA season with Toowong Harriers, click on the 'QA Registration' button.  





If you have registered for the 15 month membership you do not need to re-register for 20/21 Season.  Please email if you would like us to check for you.  

If you have unaffiliated base membership (no club) you are limited to only three shield meets, and you are ineligible for national championship.  It is possible to transfer your QA affiliation to Toowong Harriers, however this must be done prior to registering for events. Please email with your QA/National Athletic Id number and a transfer can be arranged.

If you have friends and family whom would like to sign up for Toowong Harriers Athletics Club membership, they can do so by clicking on the 'QA Registration' button.

This enables competitors to compete as an individual and a club team, not just for this event but all the way through the 2021 season. If you have any questions please email

Benefits for Toowong Harriers Members

  • Once again the club will continue to cover our members nomination fees for Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ) Regional Relays and LAQ Regional Championships (Under 7 to Under 17).

  • Full access to open club house Sunday training all year and a selection of various training sessions throughout the year.

  • We are also proposing to give members the opportunity to compete in events at certain club Little Athletics meets at the Jack Cook Park facility through the year, were QA shield meets may not exist. This will enable our members to keep competing in their events of choice to continue their athletic pursuits.

Qld Government FairPlay Vouchers

The Centre is registered with the Queensland Government's 'FairPlay' scheme and will accept vouchers towards payment of registration fees. Up to $150 is available for eligible applicants.  Applications for Round 1 open on 6th July  2020 and close on 7th October 2020.   Click here to apply:  FairPlay Vouchers


Families using the FairPlay vouchers are requested to register their children in the normal manner via the Sports TG link above and send their vouchers through to for processing.   Refunds will be provided within 7 days once the Queensland Government approves the voucher redemption.