For New Parents

Welcome to Toowong Harriers Little Athletics - we look forward to your family’s company for the 2020/21 season. As you read through this website you will probably begin to realise that Little Athletics takes quite a bit of organisation both on the competition days and behind the scenes. This is where we need your help!


All the officials you see are volunteers with varying degrees of experience, yet with one thing in common - they jumped in at some stage knowing absolutely nothing and offered to help. Without the help of new parents each year, the Centre would slowly grind to a halt.  We understand that you may feel apprehensive, however there are many roles (assisting at an event – eg. collecting shot puts/discus, raking long jump pits etc), which are incredibly necessary and require little experience.

Weekly Centre Meets

The successful operation of our weekly Centre meets relies on parents/carers pitching in and helping out. We need between 70 and 90 adult volunteers each week to ensure our meet runs smoothly and safely. There are a variety of roles, so if you are new/unsure, please come and talk to Barbara Maenhaut (Officials Coordinator) or Trudy Lennox (Centre Manger) just prior to the meet and we will ensure we find a role that you are comfortable with.

We utilise an online volunteering registration system; Signup. Each week an email will be sent to you to prompt you to register for a volunteer role via Signup. Registering your role in advance, in the days prior to the meet, assists our volunteers as gaps in roles are easily visible and the last minute rush to fill roles can be avoided.


Please use the button below to register for a volunteer role:

Each week when you arrive at the meet, your role will be allocated to you so please come and mark your name off at the Officials Coordinators desk located under the tent adjacent to the clubhouse.


As you will see, a lot of equipment must be placed correctly on the field before a meet can take place. We need volunteers to set up equipment for meets and help return and pack it away afterwards (field officials are expected to bring in everything except high jump mats). Just arrive a little early and we’ll let you know where you can assist. Many hands make light work.

Remember, the parent participation fee is refunded at the end of the season if you assist 12 times, but we do encourage and need more assistance if possible. The best reward you’ll get is being involved in the same activities as your kids and their friends!


If you are not sure what to do, please come and talk to Barbara or Trudy at the Officials Coordinators desk.

Returning Parents

Welcome back, particularly to the many regular helpers who make our Centre such a great success, week in week out. If you haven’t been able to help a lot in the past, and feel like participating more this season, please come and talk to us - everyone is welcome.  This year, Barbara Maenhaut will be handling the Officials portfolio and will be available at the Officials Coordinators desk to answer any questions you may have.

For All Families

It is Centre policy that all children participating in Centre meets and training sessions must have a parent/guardian present at the venue throughout the meet or session.  This is for safety reasons should your child become injured or fall ill during the meet. It is also in the case of the meet ending early due to a weather event and on some occasions an age group may finish earlier than scheduled.  In this case it places an unfair burden on the Age Marshals and Centre volunteers to care for children until they are collected.

Whilst it is our preference for all parents/guardians to remain at the meet and have fun participating with their children and helping to keep the meet running, we recognise that this cannot always happen.  If circumstances prevent you from remaining at the Centre during the meet or training session, you are asked to nominate another parent who is known to you and your child, and who is remaining at the event, to act as a contact.  Please fill out the register at the recording desk with the relevant details, including your contact details, before leaving the venue.


For regular helpers, once you’ve gained a little experience, we encourage you to take some simple multiple choice tests and become qualified Centre Level Officials.  The more experienced and qualified officials we have, the better off the kids will be whether they compete at State, Regional or purely Centre level.  The exams aren’t hard, and once taken, provide a great boost to your confidence in handling events. If you have any questions about any of the above, please let us know.

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