Queensland Athletics (QA)

Toowong Harriers is a Queensland Athletics (QA) club and our members participate in QA meets over the summer and winter season. 

Current Toowong Harriers Little Athletics members are able to join QA if you are interested in competing at some of the QA meets (All Schools, Shield meets, State Championships, Cross Country).  The QA membership is not required if you just want to compete at our local Toowong Harriers meets or go to Little Athletics regionals/states.  This membership is an optional extra for keen athletes.  The annual QA membership runs from the 1st October through to the 30th September the following year.

To register, click the 'QA Registration' button.  Once registered you will be a member of Queensland Athletics (QA) affiliated with Toowong Harriers and can compete at QA events.


There are three levels of membership.

  • Base membership - $55

  • Gold membership - $153

  • Platinum membership - $263

Toowong Harriers members receive a $35 discount.  Please email manager@toowongharriers.org.au for a discount code.

As a general rule, athletes up to Under 10/11 will only require a Base membership due to the limited QA options available for that age group.  From Under 11/12, you really need to think about what you are likely to attend. The Base membership limits the number of Shield meets you can attend, and meet fees are quite expensive.  If you are looking to attend a number of Shield meets, as well as States etc, the Platinum membership will provide the best value.  Gold is somewhere in the middle.


If you are a Under 16/17 Little Athlete you will be eligible for a $75 refund from Little Athletics for Platinum QA members.  Please email manager@toowongharriers.org.au if this is you.

Please refer to the QA website for information regarding events and membership options.   

If you have an unaffiliated base membership (no club) it is possible to transfer your

QA affiliation to Toowong Harriers however this must be done prior to registering for events. 

Please email our president at president@toowongharriers.org.au with your QA/National Athletic Id

number and a transfer can be arranged.​

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