All little athletes are required to wear the club uniform for all little athletics events.  The uniform consists of the following items:



White T-shirt with royal blue sleeves.


Athletes in the age groups U13+ may choose to wear a Toowong Harriers Singlet or Crop Top to competitions.   Children in U12 age groups and below must wear the full T-shirt at all times.


We also stock an adult 'officials' style T-shirt.



Boys - Royal blue shorts.

Girls - Royal blue stretch runners or bike pants.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open during the Intro to Athletics days and at all Centre meets.


* Crops and Singlets can only be worn by U13+ age groups at Centre meets and competitions.

** Other sizes available on request.

Each registered child is required to purchase a uniform (see above).  After registration, each athlete will be provided with an age label, registration number and sponsor's badge (if applicable).  The age label must be sewn on the left shirt sleeve, preferably on three sides only, thus forming a pocket where performance tickets can be put.


The registration number must be sewn on the front of the shirt and sponsor's badge on the sleeve or chest.  The Centre uniform should be worn at all times when competing and must be worn at all Intercentre, Regional, and Association meets.