Upcoming Events

  • Intro to Little Athletics Registrations/Uniforms
    14 Aug, 3:00 pm
    Jack Cook Park, Toowong
    Events - Hurdles, Long Jump and Shot Put
  • Committee Meeting
    19 Aug, 7:15 pm
    Jack Cook Park - Clubhouse, Toowong
    Held at the clubhouse. All welcome!
  • Intro to Little Athletics Registrations/Uniforms
    28 Aug, 3:00 pm
    Jack Cook Park, Toowong
    Events - Sprints, High Jump, Discus
  • Toowong Harriers - Afternoon Meet
    04 Sep, 3:00 pm
    Jack Cook Park, Toowong
  • Toowong Harriers - Afternoon Meet
    11 Sep, 3:00 pm
    Jack Cook Park, Toowong

Little Athletics Season commences September 2021.  Registrations now open!

Toowong Harriers is affiliated with both Little Athletics Queensland and Queensland Athletics.  Our athletes have met with many successes for over 35 years thanks mostly to the involvement and commitment of parents supporting our athletes.

Our club has over 250 Little Athletics Queensland athletes and nearly 100 Open and Masters athletes competing across a myriad of events and team relays throughout the year.  We encourage all levels of ability to be involved in an active lifestyle. 

The Toowong Harriers Athletics Club was established in 1894 and is proudly Queensland’s first athletics club and one of Australia’s oldest with an impressive line of State and National representatives across a very broad range of events through to international level competitors at Commonwealth and Olympic games levels.

Athletes wishing to join either Little Athletics or Qld Athletics are required to sign up via a club.  Using the registration buttons on our website will affiliate you with our club.

Athletes aged 5 - 17 wishing to join Little Athletics, our club offers a summer program of track and field events.  Registration is now open and the summer program runs from August 2021 - March 2022.  Please refer to our season calendar.

Athletes U12+ are able to join Qld Athletics (QA).  Qld Athletics offers a range of summer and winter competition and publish events via their QA website.  If you are a member of Little Athletics you are able to join QA too.

This year, in order to help bridge the gap between junior (Little Athletics members) and senior athletics (QA members), we have decided to open up most of our meets to Toowong Harriers QA senior members (U13+).  This enables you to compete in QA events and most of our meets.  There will be a fee to compete at both these events. 

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