Centre Awards

The Centre offers a wide range of awards, to be presented at the end-of-season Presentation Day. All Little Athletes who have continued to support the Centre in the second part of the season will be recipients.


Centre Champion Award

This is based on points earned by each Little Athlete at Centre-level meets during the season (see season calendar for details of which meetings count). Points are awarded for performances that better the set colour levels (see McDonalds points cards) and for attendance of each event. The boy and girl Little Athletes earning the highest aggregate points at season end will be the Centre Champions. They will receive trophies and their names will be inscribed on a perpetual trophy.


Points are awarded according to this scale:

Green - 5 points   Red - 6 points  Blue - 7 points  Silver - 8 points  Gold - 9 points

Age Champions

The points system described above will be used to make awards in each age group. The highest point scorer will be the Age Champion, and will receive a gold medal, with silver and bronze medals for the place-getters. All Little Athletes who have supported the Centre for the whole season will receive a medal.

Best Performance Awards

The boy and girl Little Athlete who achieves the best performance for the season in each event (in each age group) will be acknowledged by certificate, provided the performance was at silver level or better.

Centre Best Performances

New or equalled individual Centre Best Performances will be recognised by a pennant.

Encouragement Award

The Committee may make special awards to the one male and one female Little Athlete whose contributions to the Centre deserve special recognition.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

These awards will be made on the basis of best performances across all events. This will be done by averaging point scores for each Little Athlete’s best performances in all events. Points for this award will be based on one point for a green- level performance, through five points for a gold- level performance. A trophy will be awarded to all little athletes who achieve an average point score of more than 3.00 over all events for their age-group.

Progress Awards

This award scheme is designed to recognise performance improvement on a more current and widespread basis. Awards (prize and certificate) will be presented for October, November, January and February, and on Trophy Day to the boy and girl Little Athletes who have scored the greatest number of improved performances over the four previous competition meetings at Jack Cook Park.

Laurie Baartz Memorial Trophy

This trophy is a Statewide award, introduced in memory of Laurie Baartz, who died in office as the LAQ Manager for Coaching on April 11, 1985. It is awarded to the Little Athlete who makes the most consistent improvement throughout the season, regardless of absolute ability.

Points will be awarded at 10 nominated Centre meetings throughout the season, see season calendar for those nominated.

Points will be awarded in four groups of events:

  1. Sprints and hurdles;

  2. Distance (the 200m event counts as distance up to U8s) and walks;

  3. Throws;

  4. Jumps.

Each time a Little Athlete betters his or her personal best in at least one event in each group at a nominated meeting, he or she will earn one point.  A maximum of 40 points can be attained by the end of the season. The name of the Little Athlete compiling the most points will be forwarded to the Association as a finalist in the State competition.  A certificate will be presented to this Little Athlete to acknowledge this and the winner will be announced at the State Championships.

Age Improvement Awards

The boy and girl Little Athletes compiling the most performance improvements in each age group will be awarded an Age Improvement Certificate.

George Harvey Award

This is a Statewide award to the (Centre-nominated) Little Athlete who is thought to best exemplify the ideals of the movement.

Commitment Award

This award is based on Participation, Improvement and Performance over the whole season. The boy and girl Little Athletes compiling the most points over the season will each receive a Myer Gift Voucher donated by James Mackay, Councillor for Walter Taylor ward.

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