Essential Questions

QUESTION 1: What should we do first?

ANSWER: Read this website carefully. Most of the information you need is contained within here. Also read the regular newsletters. They contain important new information. Talk to Committee Members, who may be identified by their distinctive T-shirts and/or name tags. The centre handbook contains all the information that you need to know, and can be found here.

QUESTION 2: What is required of little athletes?

ANSWER: Children should arrive punctually at the weekly meetings and the Tuesday afternoon training sessions (4.30 – 6.00pm, see coaching page). There are other special meetings from time to time throughout the season that they may wish to attend. Where appropriate, the nomination forms and any necessary fees should be completed and returned by the due date. These will usually be available from the Recorders desk or on the nominations page. Although we expect all our Little Athletes to support the Centre, there is no compulsion to attend every meeting, although we would love to see as many at the Regional Relay Day as possible.

QUESTION 3: Why have regional event fees been included in the registration fee?

ANSWER: The Regional Relay day and Regional Championship events are events we wish to strongly encourage our little athletes to participate in.  Of course, we understand some may not wish to, and others may not be able to attend.  However, this season we have decided to include it in our registration fee to simplify administration and encourage participation.  Regional nomination fees are NOT refundable for withdrawal in the 2019/20 season.

QUESTION 4: What is required of family and friends?

ANSWER: In Little Athletics, nothing is achieved without the help of parents, family, and friends. Here is how you can help:

1. Attend meetings with your children.

Around 60 adults are required to run each regular weekly meeting. The program will not run to time unless we have a full complement of timekeepers, field officials, and age group marshals. See here more information. If you need help, ask any experienced Centre member.

2. Assist in setting up and dismantling the facilities. Each family should nominate to help set up or put away, at least a couple of times. The Family Participation Deposit will be refunded after completion of the season (in April 2020) when you meet the required 12 volunteer events.

3. Learn. It is very important in Little Athletics that parents officiating at events know what they are doing, and convey this to the Little Athletes. Come to meetings regularly, read the rules, and don’t be afraid to ask. Rules are provided in the folders located at each field event. The Centre Education Officer ( can provide you with more information.

Parents of younger athletes who are unable to stay and officiate at a meeting should ensure they return 30 minutes before scheduled finishing time, to be there when the relevant age groups complete their events.

4. Assist in coaching. In Little Athletics, parents are the coaches. It takes a while to gain the knowledge necessary to coach Little Athletes, but there is a great opportunity to learn, as age marshals, as we’re now conducting coaching at competition. Come along and participate, even if that only means you help maintain order. You will not only be seen to be supporting your child, but you may consider attending coaching seminars and courses. The Coaching Coordinator ( will be able to provide you with more information.

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