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  • Toowong Harriers Little Athletics Season (approx Aug - Mar)

    • Team App - This is a critical communication tool so that we can ensure messages are delivered and read by members.  Each parent/guardian, and any older athletes who have their own devices can set up access.  This will help where, for example, you have two parents wanting to sign up to a volunteer role or kids to coaching, but only 1 can sign up.

  • Coaching Sessions

    • ​Advertised via Team App and coaching page. 

  • Working Bees​

    • Advertised via Team App and home page.

Volunteer Sign Up (IMPORTANT!)

  • The Duty Roster is on Team App.  Please use the app to sign up approximately 2 hours before the meet to ensure your name will be listed on the printout. 

  • This year we are trialling a distribution of jobs to a given age group on a rotational basis.  Each age group will have a co-ordinator that will oversee the sign-up to volunteer roles where they are required.  Additionally, they will ensure fair distribution of the load among parents. 

  • To ensure you get your volunteering registered you should make sure you put your name down for a role on the Duty Roster (within the ‘Athletics Meets’ icon on Team App) and also come and get your name marked off at the Officials Desk before the meet.  Any queries regarding volunteering/officialling can be made to

  • We encourage all parents to sign up to a role prior to the meet.  New parents, please have a go, there are instruction cards available for all the field events.  Or help with timing, or as age marshal, there are so many options.

Registration Numbers

  • All athletes (including trialists) must have their athlete number sewn (or safety pinned) to their shirts to compete this week.  This is required for track recording.  Any issues with registration numbers please talk to Kris (


  • Uniforms can be ordered online to save time.  On this page please pay attention to the placement of athlete number and labels.  Failure to comply may lead to the athlete not being allowed to enter the competition arena at away meets.

Set Up & Pack Up

  • These roles are critical to ensuring we can start on time.  If you can come early, please do (this is especially relevant for our Friday meets).  All groups who are last at an event should bring the equipment back to the shed (excluding High Jump mats).


  • There are some good handy hints to assist parents and volunteers with correct specifications / safety guidelines and how to officiate each event.  Please ensure you read up on the event you are Officialing.  These can be found on ‘Documents’ icon of Team App.


Weekly Meet Program

  • The program is available on Team App – check the ‘Athletics Meets’ icon and view the attachments, and also under Centre Meets/Calendar.


  • Results are posted to the resultshq portal (updated within 24-48 hours). If you notice any errors, please email Donnae and Karina on

  • Age marshals should ensure that all recording sheets are dropped back to the recording desk at the end of the meeting (or during as events are completed).


  • Unfortunately, there is not time for ‘coaching’ at meets.  Marshals and event officials can offer ‘quick’ handy hints and safety instructions, but can not spend time coaching.  If you would like coaching please view the offerings available on Team App and the coaching section.


  • Temporary toilets are located adjacent to the building.  Please ensure you and your kids FLUSH THE TOILET before you leave. These toilets can clog easily.


  • Athletes must stay with their group/age marshal during competition.  Please advise your age marshal if you are leaving early.  As you will appreciate we have flying discus and javelin on the field and athletes running fast.  All spectators, younger siblings, dogs, etc should remain on the outside of the track area.  Do not run across the marked throwing areas.

Social Media

  • Facebook - Team Toowong Harriers

    • Closed group for members only and can be used for sharing information, sharing photos, sharing successes.   Some urgent messaging may be included here (as well as Team App).

  • Facebook - Toowong Harriers

    • This is the face of Toowong Harriers to external stakeholders (and members).  Used to promote our club and to celebrate successes.   Will not be used for general messaging to members.

Family Deposit Refund

  • Refunded approx May the following year if the criteria has been met.  Please refer to our handbook.

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