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2023 Winter Cross Country Results

A monster effort by all our cross country runners was made throughout the 2023 XC season.  The last round saw Toowong field our biggest team of the season and score our highest round total of 876 points.  Thompson Estate however made good use of their home round advantage and were able to get the win.  This meant they finished equal on the points at the top of the table and with QA confirming no count back process would be applied, we share the championship with them.  Ashgrove Rangers held on to third place.

This is a significant achievement by our athletes and supplements our first ever series win from 2022.  Congratulations to Thompson Estate on a hard-fought series which really pushed up the participation levels across the championship.

There were many great individual performances across the series as well with Toowong finishing with a total of 15 podium place getters.  Congratulations to you all!



  • Rowan Gillam - Men 2000m Multi-Class 6-12

  • Caroline Baird - Girls 3000m Multi-Class 13+

  • Michelle Gordon - Women 4000m Open (Short Course)

  • Harley Wilkinson - Men 4000m Open (Short Course)

  • Lucinda Freeman - Women 6000m Under 18

  • Meryll Fletcher - Women 6000m Masters 50+

  • Thomas Bryant - Men 6000m Under 20


  • Mia Parker - Girls 1000m Under 10

  • Liana Johnston - Girls 2000m Under 12

  • Scott Miers - Men 4000m Open (Short Course)

  • Mattea Pearsall - Women 6000m Under 18



  • Adam Anthony - Boys 1000m Under 8

  • Lachlan Miers - Boys 1000m Under 10

  • Indiana Stansfield - Girls 2000m Under 12

  • Angela Ballerini - Women 6000m Masters 30+

Thanks to all runners, supporters, clubs and Queensland Athletics for what has been a great series.

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