Senior Athletics

In 2015, Toowong Harriers Amateur Athletic Club and Toowong Harriers Little Athletics amalgamated to form Toowong Harriers  Inc.

Our new Club shares history dating back to 1894 with the foundation of Toowong Harriers Amateur Athletic.  In fact, Jack Cook Park is named in honour of the late Jack Cook, who was President of the Club for many years. More detail on the history of the club can be found on the History page.

Toowong Harriers Inc looks forward to being the custodian of Jack Cook Park and providing access to athletics for participants of all ages.

For parents of Little Athletes, older Little Athletes and members of our community, Toowong Harriers Inc caters for the full range of athletic pursuits from running, jumping and throwing events through the summer season to a range of running and cross country events through the winter. Our club services athletes from 5 to 105, Little Athletics, open Queensland Athletics national grade representative athletes and Masters Age competitors.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our senior athletics co-coordinators at

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