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Uniform Information

Athletes are required to wear the club uniform at all little athletics events. 


Using the online store below, the uniform can be pre-purchased and will be available for collection at Jack Cook Park during the Introduction to Athletics days and all centre meets.  Alternatively the uniform will be available for purchase at the clubhouse on these days.

Our uniform consists of the following items:


Boys & Girls - White shirt with royal blue sleeves.

Athletes may wear a polo shirt, singlet, crop top, t-shirt or bodysuit in the colours and design approved for Toowong Harriers Little Athletics Centre and LAQ.


Boys & Girls -  Athlete bottoms shall be Royal Blues shorts or be predominantly black.

Athletes may wear shorts, skirts, bike pants, racing briefs or compression garments as approved by LAQ.

Bike pants, compression garments and shorts shall be above knee length for walks events. Athletes not in walks events may wear full length compression garments or tights on their legs.
A manufacturers logo is permitted provided it is no larger than 5cm x 5cm.

Crop tops are to be of sufficient size to clearly display the registration label so that the registration
number and sponsor logo are entirely visible. The depth of the crop top must not be less than 15cm.

When registered, each athlete will receive a membership pack which consists of an age label, athlete number and sponsor's badge.  If you have pre-ordered a uniform all this will be pre-packaged ready for collection at Jack Cook Park.


Athletes (including trialists) must have their athlete number sewn (or safety pinned) to their shirts to compete. This is required for track recording. 

The age label must be sewn on the left shirt sleeve, preferably on three sides only, thus forming a pocket where performance tickets can be stored and sponsor's badge on the sleeve or chest.  


When competing at away meets -

  • the placement of labels is imperative as failure to comply may lead to the athlete not being allowed to enter the competition arena.

  • If boys choose to wear bike pants/compression garments, they must wear sports shorts over the top. Bike pants/compression garments on their own are not acceptable for boys.  Bike pants/compression garments should be the correct uniform bottom colour or predominantly black.  Any logos will need to be covered.

Uniform Shop

Little A's Uniform

QA/Senior Uniform

Running Spikes

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