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Covid-19 continues to be a risk in our community and the State Government COVID safe requirements that apply to community sport must be followed by all athletes, parents, guardians, and spectators at our fields. 

The restrictions have not changed since August last year. The Government advice is still that there are no restrictions on outdoor sport which includes Little Athletics. This means that there is no requirement to use the Check In Queensland App or adhere to density requirements for neither spectators nor participants. Social distancing is also not required, but advisable, given the large number of cases in the community at present. Any Centre or Regional competitions can be conducted without a COVID plan and the organisers do not have to notify their local health office.


Athletes and spectators do not have to be double-vaccinated to attend community sport.


The Public Health Orders will need to be adhered to for isolation of people who have tested positive to COVID or are a close contact for someone who has tested positive. Isolation is required for a 7 day period and the person must have had no symptoms for at least 48 hours before leaving isolation. Full details on the isolation requirements can be found at


From our discussions with the Queensland Government, it is clear that they are determined to see sport delivered throughout the State with as minimal interruption as possible. This would be a welcome change after the last 2 years and Little Athletics Queensland fully supports this sentiment.

Our committee thanks all our members for their support and for following these rules and assisting with all the additional burden it puts on us all.

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