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Lauren Somerville

Days - Sunday

Coaches - Sprints, hurdles, long jump, triple jump, high jump

What was your favourite sport as a kid? - Definitely Athletics – although I also played Netball and did some Pony Club as a young kid.

What is your highest sporting achievement? - I came 10th at Nationals when I was U20 in the 400m Hurdles event. We travelled to Perth to compete.

What do you do to calm your butterflies while you compete? - A good warm up always helps calm my butterflies, and knowing that I have done my event a million times so I can do it now too.

What do you love about coaching young athletes? - Seeing the improvement. Even at trainings when a drill or event they are training for just clicks.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? - I don’t eat ice cream. I prefer Greek yogurt with my desserts.

What is your dream holiday destination? - Anywhere with a beach, or mountain hiking and views.

What is your one piece of advice for a young athlete? - Try every sport and event you can, and have fun while you are there!

Lauren Somerville
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